Repair & Maintenance

Since its creation in 1982, Severn Unival has taken a very specific and unique route to providing a technically-based control valve maintenance and improvement service.
Our Repair Intelligence process takes an engineered review of all of the valves that we see in our workshops, combined with information from diagnostic surveys, and feedback from existing solutions in the field, to support the decision making of our engineers, in the design of valve trim configurations.


Throughout our operations, we pursue a 3 stage inspection of every valve that is taken in for repair or maintenance.
Level 1 inspections are very simple, carried out by our technicians and identify the base condition of the valve.
Level 2 inspections are based on photographic information on the interior of valves (in cases where technicians feel there is unusual damage or wear).
Level 3 inspections are carried out by our Performance Plus engineers after initial review of a level 2 inspection. At this stage, a fully detailed inspection is performed by a valve engineer. This step includes constant communication with the clients and their operations and maintenance personnel. Level 3 inspections provide a high level of information to all parties and determine the failure mode, the reasons behind the failure and the potential risks associated with the failure. This information serves as the base from which we can then develop a suitable solution.

Diagnostics & condition and performance surveys

In addition to the inspection process, Severn Norge AS provides condition and performance surveys, using highly experienced technicians. These surveys determine which processes are operational, how critical valves are currently performing, what are the operational conditions and which business requirements apply. In conjunction with these surveys, we utilise our Severn Profiler equipment to carry out diagnostic tests on valves identified to be in key positions. These tests provide additional information for the engineering team on the performance of the valve and actuator package – and can reveal in detail whether there is any friction, damage, stiction that may ultimately cause a decline in performance.

OPERA Valve Management system

OPERA ( Operational Performance through enhanced repair analysis) is a detailed valve-specific database, built and operated over many years by Severn Unival Ltd. This system logs every valve that Severn Norge AS has access to (via management contracts or repairs) and provides detailed information on all of them: specifications, work histories, upgrades and changes, test results, BOMS, drawings. The key, however, is that this system provides the basis for trend analyses between valves, trim configurations and applications. It gathers information from all clients and all areas of the world. The end result is that when our Performance Plus engineers are carrying out a detailed review, they have a depth of knowledge available to them that allows them to design specific upgrades, retrofits and custom-made products to suit the application and the current operating conditions.
OVM keeps track of over 25 years of repair history and performance improvement information, specifically on severe service control and choke valve products.
With the help of our Repair Intelligence process, our engineering specialists can determine the current condition of the valve and detect the cause of performance loss or failure. This is done in cooperation with the client. On the basis of this analysis, our engineers can design and implement appropriate solutions that they can be confident will solve the problem. The result is improved reliability and performance.
Reliability and improved performance is the goal of this entire process.